With technology moving at the speed of light, you HAVE
to be a Ninja just to keep up! Videos can be utilized far
beyond the confines of your website — social
networking is a great way to spread the word about
your brand, and a top notch video is a great way to

Our Ninjas are experts in script, budgeting, location
scouting, story boarding, directing, lighting, motion
graphics, sound effects, scoring, and editing. Ask us how
we can create a show stopping video for you!


These videos can be used to promote your organization
to other organizations within your sphere, to promote
your products/services to your marketplace, or to
promote your organization to prospective employees.
Whatever your inclination or motivation, promotional
videos establish a connection, put a face to a name, and
connect your audience to your purpose.



If a picture is worth a thousand words, consider how
much a video can convey! Certainly, a live, in-person
training session is ideal, but it is impractical and
inefficient in many cases. A training video can not only
give more detailed instruction, employ clever imagery
and messages, but it can be referred time and again –
which increases clarity of your message, efficiency in
implementation, and gives individuals access to the
information: anytime, anywhere.


These are your living brochures! In a world where
everything has gone digital – shouldn’t your brochures
and marketing tools as well? Gone are the days when
you are limited to passing out a tri-fold brochure and
hoping someone will read it…or hoping you didn’t miss
anything…or hoping the information is current and
correct. Informational videos can evolve and grow as
your organization does.

Enter the Dojo of Video Production